Surname: Kuroki.

First name: Shintaro.

Date of birth: October 25, 1978.

Place of birth: Yamagata.

Nationality: Japan.


Ph.D. Osaka City University, March 2006 (Professor Mikiya MASUDA was my supervisor. Thesis: Classification of Transformation groups.).

M.A. Yamagata University, March 2003 (Professor Fuichi UCHIDA was my supervisor.).

B.A. Yamagata University, March 2001.


April 2016-- Associate Professor at Okayama University of Science

April 2014-- March 2016 Project Researcher at The University of Tokyo

September 2011-- March 2014 Researcher at OCAMI

April 2009-- August 2011 Concurrent researcher at OCAMI

March 2009-- August 2011 Post-doctoral Researcher of Algebraic Structure and its Applications Recerch Center (ASARC Postdoctor) at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) (Professor DongYoup Suh was my host professor.)

September 2007--March 2009 Post-doctoral position at Fudan University (Professor Zhi Lu was my host professor. This is my final report.)

April 2006--August 2007 COE researcher at Osaka City university Advanced Mathematical Institute (OCAMI)


September 2018-- November 2018 (F1)

June 2018-- August 2018 (S2)

June 2018-- November 2018 (S2+F1)

April 2018-- June 2018 (S1)

April 2018-- June 2018 (S1)

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