Graduate Course
Graduate programs

Broad knowledge and research skills of students are developed both in pure mathematics and applied mathematics.
The research instruction system covers traditional fields such as algebra, geometry and mathematical analysis as well as probability statistics and information theory. The research library and computer facilities enhance the environment and serve to make this Master’s Program the center of research and education in the Chugoku-Shikoku region in the fields of mathematics, applied mathematics and information mathematics.

Yoshinori HAMAHATA Number theory related to modular forms and arithmetic varieties
Takeshi IKEDA Representation theory, Schubert calculus, and integrable systems
Takashi OHE Numerical analysis of inverse problems for partial differential equations
Ryuichi SAWAE Computational number theory and quantum computation theory
Keizo TAKASHIMA Probability Theory and Stochastic Numerical Analysis
Satoshi TANAKA Exact multiplicity of solutions of boundary value problems
[Associate Prof.]
Shintaro KUROKI Topology, Transformation group theory, Toric Topology
Yoshiyuki MORI Graph Theory, Representation Theory of Finite Groups
Masakazu ONITSUKA On the stability of ordinary differential systems
Masahiko SHIMOJO Interface motion and singularity of reaction diffusion equations
Kiyokazu SUTO Structure and representations of infinite dimensional Lie algebras and groups
Kimiko YAMADA Algebraic geometry and moduli spaces
[Junior Assoc. Prof.]
Masateru INOUE Topology and homotopy theory
Tomoo MATSUMURA Algebraic topology, Schubert calculus, and theory of orbifolds
Kota URIYA Large time behavior of solutions to nonlinear dispersive equations